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100% You.

"My mission is to provide an effective ,
holistic approach to extending your youth and
embracing your natural features." - Yulia Diumea

Your Natural Beauty.

No botox. No fillers. Noninvasive.

It is natural and personalized. Period.

The real causes of ageing lie beneath your skin. Combination of facial massages work with exacting precision beyond the surface of the skin involving muscles, joints, fascias, tendons and subcutaneous tissue.
The main goals of these massages are to improve the blood, (boost production of hyaluronic acid, collagen), lymph flow, restore the anatomical length of the muscles, defibroses adipose tissue, reduce adipose hypertrophy, restore sagging skin.

 It works as both an independent technique and as an effective pre-treatment before surgical and other invasive procedures.
Every face is unique and ages differently, all depends from many factors. Thats why comprehensive approach for every client gives best results.
If you have concerns about fine lines, nasolabials folds, double chin, jowls and/or excess swelling, sagging skin, droopy eyes, “11”, neck wrinkles , TMJ disorder, try this effective and natural alternative to botox and fillers. Ageing backwards never felt so relaxing!

Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Program

0 1 | Buccal Massage

0 2 | Face Cupping​


0 3 | Deep Tissue Massage

0 4 | Guasha


0 5 | Face Taping


0 6 | Face Exercises

I offer 3 types of programs: 4 Sessions, 8 Sessions, and 6/12 Months Membership. LEARN MORE.


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We will meet one-on-one, talk about your face concerns,create a diagnostic card, perform a palpation sensitivity of pain tolerance, looking for muscle spasms,fibrosis lumps and swelling.
Take the foto before and after every session, so you can see improvements.I will provide initial buccal and deep tissue massage. Select facial exercises and face taping for your type of face aging.

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Together we will create a customized treatment plan to help you reach your goals. A series of massages is a most successful for long lasting results. It is not one size fits all. Every client is unique in their aging process and concerns just as the program is.
A combination of different techniques namely buccal, sculpting, cupping, guasha, deep tissue and taping offer the best results.

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Each session will be different depending of the reaction of your skin, tissue, desired result. You will see and feel results after 1 session. But for retaining results we recommend 8 sessions and maintenance 1-2 time per month.
Every 6 months you can repeat your 8-session program.

What my customers are saying…

I had an appointment for fillers for my under eyes and chin but Yulia suggested I try her natural approach to fixing all of my concerns with natural and lasting results. I canceled my appointment for fillers and I've been coming to Yulia for massages for over a year now. My face has never looked this good! She helped me create better habits to help with my swollen cheeks/double chin, and puffy/ dark under eyes. She has transformed my face and also my health with her tips and exercises to maintain the youthful look. I saw results after about 5-6 sessions and still go to her for maintenance massages. She has taught me to be more aware of how certain foods, water, stress, my facial resting position and outside factors affect my face and how I age. She's honestly changed so much more than my face. My confidence, my mental and physical health has all improved since coming to her for my massages. Her methods are game changing. Highly recommend!
5 Stars! Yulia is amazing! Before I came to her, the muscles in my face, neck and back were so stiff they had actually hardened in places and it changed the way I looked, moved and felt. I was in pain. Yulia used myofacial massage to target my problem areas and gave me exercises I could do at home. She is very knowledgeable and explained everything throughout the process. After several visits, I began to see and feel real changes. My jawline became more defined, my double chin shrank considerably, the deep indents in my cheeks faded away and I had a neck again! The hump on my upper back has nearly disappeared. My range of motion has improved and I have less pain. I highly recommend Yulia!
I came to Yulia with concerns about my jowels and over all aging of my face and neck. I never imagined the results i would have. My jowels are almost non existent. My eyebrows are lifted, the lines around my mouth are gone, my neck is much smoother. My over all face is lifted and firmer. I am blown away. Yulia is a gifted artist. She is extremely knowledgeble always makes sure I understand what she is working on and why. Her Passion and love for what she does was apparent from day one. Not only does yulia want you to look the best she gives you the tools (exercises) needed to maintain your beautiful results. These are lasting results. I love sharing my Before & After picture. I feel so blessed to have met yulia not only is she amazing at what she does but she's a beautiful person as well ad truly cares about her client.
I started to see Yulia because I am in my mid thirties and wanted to see if there was anything I could do for my skin before I committed to botox. I was not sure what to expect but I was defiantly open! During my first session of sculpting Yulia gave me so much information and I loved it! She helped me understand how I can positively influence the appearance of wrinkles and any muscle pain I might be having through exercises and healthier habits. I started to see results right away but I was able to see the most results around my 5th session. My skin is tighter and I look younger than before. I love looking great but most importantly I feel amazing! I suffer from TMJ and through my facial sculpting Yulia has helped me cut my TMJ paid by more than 50%. I am 36 years old and do not see a need to start botox. I am so satisfied and see such amazing results!!!! On top of the results; Yulia has never cancelled on me, she is very timely, professional, clean, sanitary and kind. I could not ask for more. I highly recommend Yulia to anyone who has any face or TMJ concerns!!! She is the real deal 5 stars across the board!!!